Why You May Want to Check Out the New Kia Sorento

Not only is the 2018 Kia Sorento available at Longman’s Markham Kia, but it has a lot to offer. We believe the new Sorento may be the car you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn about some of the great features this car has available. 

Comfort Inside and Out 


The Kia Sorento can provide a comfortable ride. The 14-way adjustable driver’s seat is designed to help you find the most comfortable position for driving, while the heated steering wheel can keep your hands warm in cooler temperatures. There is an Integrated Memory System available that can store two drivers’ settings for the seat and exterior mirror positions so switching drivers doesn’t have to become overly complicated. The Sorento also has available High-Intensity Discharge (HID), Projector Beam Headlights with Auto-Leveling to help you see where you’re going. 


Ready to Explore 


If you like to explore, the 2018 Kia Sorento may be the car for you. The available all-wheel-drive system helps maintain a smooth ride over rugged terrain, allowing you to traverse rough roads and even off road on some occasions to reach your destination. Choose from three available engines in order to match your power and fuel economy preferences. You can even set your car to one of three drive settings as needed depending on your drive preferences. The eco mode can help with fuel economy, while the sport mode can enhance engine and transmission settings to help with performance driving. The normal drive mode provides a balance between the two. 

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to consider the 2018 Kia Sorento for your next vehicle. With features like heated seats, the Integrated Memory System, and all-wheel-drive, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. If you would like to see the Sorento for yourself, feel free to come by the dealership and talk with our knowledgeable staff. 

Which New Kia Niro Is Right for You?

If you’re ready to shop for a new car and are considering a crossover vehicle, you may be interested in the 2018 Kia Niro. This vehicle has a variety of features that include backup assist cameras, a lane departure warning system and wireless connectivity for hands-free calls and music. This vehicle comes in five different models, and we at Longman’s Markham Kia would like to help you choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and driving needs.  


Daily Driving Requirements  


Before you decide whether you should choose the FE, the LX, the EX, the Touring Launch Edition or the Touring 2018 Kia Niro, you may want to consider what kind of driving you do every day. For example, if you have a long commute to work and participate in your job’s carpool program, you might want to consider one of the two Touring models, which are designed for greater comfort and convenience. The FE, LX and EX models may be a better choice if you want superior gas mileage for city and highway driving.  


Available Features  


If you are looking for a variety of features in your 2018 Kia Niro, then you may want to compare different models to see which come standard and which are available for you to add on. Each model comes with a variety of convenient features, such as tilt-wheel steering and automatic temperature controls. However, advanced controls, such as lane departure warnings and auto emergency braking, do not come standard on any models. Comparing these features may help you buy the best model for your needs and desires.  




Your lifestyle may help you realize which Kia Niro model might be the best fit for you. For example, a Touring model may be a good choice if you have children and take family trips together. Considering where you drive and who your passengers might be can help narrow down your choices.  


The 2018 Kia Niro has five different models to choose from. Comparing their features and thinking about your driving needs before you buy can assist you with making the best choice possible.

Which New Kia Soul Is Right for You?

Are you considering a 2018 Kia Soul for your next new vehicle? This fun and sporty four-door car has a variety of features to offer you as a driver, but with several different types available, you may not be sure which is the right one for you. We at Longman’s Markham Kia would like to give you a brief tour of each and perhaps help you choose your new Soul.  


The Original Soul  


The original Kia Soul comes with a variety of standard features that suit your active and mobile lifestyle. Whether you enjoy satellite radio or music that you bring along with you, this vehicle includes Bluetooth technology, an USB/auxiliary jack that makes connecting with your phone a snap. Tilt steering, six-way adjustable seating, and room for five make for a comfortable drive.  


The Soul!  


The Kia Soul! is also known as the Exclaim and is the turbo-charged model of the 2018 Kia Soul. This car is built for adventure, with a 201-horsepower engine and an automatic dual-clutch transmission with seven speeds. If you enjoy driving, have a daily freeway commute or enjoy exploring the city with friends, the Soul! might be the perfect match for you.  


The Soul EV  


If you want a car with a variety of convenient and innovative features but want to reduce your carbon footprint as you drive, then the Soul EV could be for you. This electric car has a DC charging port, can travel nearly 100 miles on one charge, and all with zero emissions. The interior features Bluetooth technology, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, a rearview camera and bio-material seat trim. This ensures a comfortable drive while you enjoy the peace of mind of owning a car that does no harm to the environment.  


No matter your driving needs, you’re sure to find a 2018 Kia Soul that’s right for you. We at Longman’s Markham Kia hope you come in soon to learn more about this fun, versatile vehicle.  

The Versatile 2018 Kia Forte

We rely on our vehicles for a lot of different things. Of course, we want them to get us from place to place, safely and reliably. We also want them to be places of entertainment, too, where we can listen to our favorite music or to podcasts. We want them to be comfortable so that we aren’t cramped and sore on long drives. We want them to look nice, and we want our cars to be affordable, in terms of initial price, operations and maintenance. The versatile Kia Forte is a car we believe can achieve most of these goals for the car buyer.


As for looks, the Kia Forte has clean and elegant lines, bolstered by front fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels. It also has rear LED lights, a front-end tiger nose grille and a low profile. The front end also features LED positioning lights and high-intensity headlights, while side mirrors have available turn signal indicators that light up for extra safety.


The interior of the 2018 Kia Forte should be able to keep up to five people comfortable for those long road trips. A power sunroof is available, as are heated and ventilated seats. The cabin of the Kia is simple and everything is within easy reach. The trunk has ample space for suitcases and other cargo.


As for entertainment, the Forte has available Bluetooth and hands-free access to Android Auto, so you can listen to your favorite tunes and use your smartphone. Dash-mounted speakers can deliver quality acoustics throughout the car.


Other features include smart key remote so you can start the car before you enter it. A center armrest and an adjustable power driver seat are also available, rounding out the luxury feel of this small car. At Longman’s Markham Kia we can show you in person the versatility of the 2018 Kia Forte.

The 2018 Kia Sorento Delivers Affordable Quality

For a versatile and affordable crossover SUV, the 2018 Kia Sorento has a lot to offer. We think some of its best features include a surprising classy vibe, a ride that is well-controlled and responsive, a wide choice of trim styles, an impressive suite of safety technology, and a comfortable, enjoyable cabin. All of these factors make the Sorento a good choice to come in and take for a test drive.



Handsome Appearance


Both inside and out, the Sorento has a distinguished look to it. The exterior lines are simple yet attractive giving it an upscale feel. The interior is well-designed and intuitively organized with just the right amount of detail. The cabin is quiet with such high-end features as touch screen infotainment, premium audio and ample surround-view cameras. The cabin also features soft plastics, attractive leathers and comfortable seating.


Quality Ride


The Sorento comes standard with a 4-cylinder but can be upgraded to a 240-horsepoer turbo-4 or a big V-6. All engines are linked to 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive is available with the larger engines. The ride is responsive and controlled with plenty of power, especially in the larger engines.


Impressive Safety


The Sorento has received good crash test scores, keeping you and your family safe. A full collection of safety technology, including the surround-view cameras, further protects drivers from unexpected events.


At Longman’s Markham Kia, we offer a full selection of new and used vehicles. We offer attractive financing options and have the expertise to service all cars throughout their lifetime. Our sales personnel can answer questions and guide you through the experience of shopping for a quality vehicle. Come in today and test drive one of our selections.


The 2018 Kia Sorento is available in 6 trim styles with some of them containing a third row of seats for more passenger capacity. We believe it is a vehicle worth taking a good look at.

Upgrade Your Soul at Longman’s Markham Kia

The all-new 2017 Kia Soul is here. The new model has had its looks refined, its features upgraded, and its safety enhanced. We’ve been supplying you with Kia services and new and used vehicles for nearly a decade, and we’ve been committed to customer satisfactions for more than 30 years. At Longman’s Markham Kia, you’ll be confident driving off of our lot in a brand-new Kia Soul.


Exterior Features


The body of the 2017 model has be modified with a smoother, classier look. Available in red, white, silver, grey, and black, Kia had sophistication in mind with this design. The bright and crisp LED lights in the headlights and taillights ensure that you’ll always be able to see where you’re going, and nobody else will miss you either.


Interior Features


The new model also offers interior features for additional luxury. Not only does the Kia Soul seat 5 adults comfortably, but the seats are also stylishly designed for look and comfort, giving your living room some on-the-go competition. Both front and rear seats are heated, and the fronts seats also feature cooling technology for hot summer days. New tech upgrades include a push-button started conveniently located near the gear shift and side panels lit with led lights which change color and respond to the mood of the music you play. A panoramic sunroof also gives light and fresh air to both the front seat and the back.


Safety Features


Kia has your whole family covered with precise sensor-activated front airbags and curtain airbags along the entire length of the vehicle’s interior sides. The car’s body is also engineered to be stronger against shock and collision.


New Tech


The 2017 Kia Soul additionally features technological upgrades. These include an optional rear-view camera and a voice-control dashboard panel. Sync your car to your smart phone and get hands free access to online maps, text messages, and other apps including Kia’s Parkminder system, helping you remember where you parked.


Get your new Kia Soul from Longman’s Markham Kia today.

The Full New Car Experience

Can you imagine a vehicle that gives you the features and handling of a luxury model without the hefty luxury price tag? You don’t have to imagine it – come drive a 2017 Forte Koup to be surprised and delighted by the sporty look, wealth of features and powerful driving experience. With available features including a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, sun roof, black leather interior and 201-HP engine, the Forte Koup delivers a driving experience to remember. With selectable driving modes allowing you to emphasize performance or fuel economy, you’ll be able to get the most out of your drive every time.


A Complete Car Buying Experience


When it comes time for you to shop for your next vehicle, come to a dealership that delivers bulk volume pricing with small town service. Longman’s Markham Kia is Northeastern Toronto is the place to go for new and pre-owned Kia vehicles. Enjoy the personal touch of a sales staff that will take the time to understand your needs and help you find the Kia vehicle that makes the most sense, such as the powerful and sporty Kia Forte Koup for buyers looking for performance and value. Our sales team members pride themselves on doing more than just selling you a car. They want to build a relationship so you’ll come back for your next vehicle as well.


Service After the Sale


When you purchase a new Kia Forte Koup, you expect more than a single transaction. You need to know Kia’s unparalleled new car warranty is going to be backed up by a service center that will keep your vehicle running like new, even as you add kilometers during adventure after adventure. Longman’s Markham Kia provides a complete service center staffed with factory-trained technicians who strive to keep your vehicle running like new. Stop by when you pick up your new Kia Forte Koup to meet the service team and see just how easy it is to take advantage of a factory-certified service center.

Drive Your Family Around in Style in the 2017 Kia Sportage SUV

The Kia Sportage is a compact crossover that does everything well and has a style all its own, and we look forward to the 2018 Kia Sportage taking the success of its predecessors and building upon it. First hitting the North American markets in 1995, this crossover has evolved in leaps and bounds into the well-rounded head turner we know today. You can find the Kia Sportage, including the new 2018 model year at Longman’s Markham Kia, serving Markham and the surrounding area for over 25 years.



The Kia Sportage seats five comfortably and is available in three trim styles. These trim styles allow you to personalize your ride with power and features, such as a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, up to 19-inch alloy wheels, rear tinted glass, a hands-free power lift gate and blind spot monitoring. As an added plus, many features can be moved from one trim style to another, allowing you to pick and choose exactly the features you want.


Comfort and Handling


All three Sportage trim models come with a spacious interior that improves when you fold down the back seats. Whether you’re looking to a quiet night on the town or a weekend get away with the entire family, the Kia Sportage has the interior space to seat everyone comfortably and still allow you to bring along your luggage. You’ll ride in comfort, too, because the Sportage suspension system and chassis design work together to give you a smooth ride while keeping interior noise levels to a minimum.


When you’re in the market for a compact crossover, you would be remiss if you didn’t check out the 2018 Kia Sportage. With a brand history stretching back over twenty years, the Kia Sportage has been a never ending story of improving features and driving pleasure. Stop by the Longman’s Markham Kia dealership for a test drive today.

Discover the Kia Niro

The time is now to discover the new world of hybrid SUVs. The 2017 Kia Niro is exceeding expectations for what a vehicle can do and be. Transport yourself in comfort and modern design with available features like soft leather seating and a heated steering wheel. With its generous interior space, you’ll be happy to sit back and relax for long trips.




New Ways of Going Places


The 2017 Kia Niro is a hybrid with a dual-clutch transmission system. Many current hybrids use a continuously variable transmission (CVT), but the Niro’s dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) is a highly responsive alternative. Shifting gears is smooth and easy, keeping you on the road and smiling.


The real secret to the Niro’s fantastic driving is the Full Parallel Hybrid System. The lightweight electric motor is super efficient, plus it’s paired with a lithium-ion battery. You won’t believe how much fun this car is to drive! It has excellent efficiency plus reliable performance.


Relax in Comfort


We at Longman’s Markham Kia know that for a vehicle to be fun to drive it needs more than just a great engine, it needs a comfortable interior as well. That’s where the 2017 Kia Niro excels. Your back will really appreciate the lumbar support in the driver’s seat that can be adjusted up to 10 ways. Sharing the vehicle with another driver? No problem. The Integrated Memory Seat (IMS) will remember seat and mirror settings for one or two drivers. Plus, the available power sunroof above you means you can always enjoy those beautiful days on the road.


Drive a Modern Classic Today


The 2017 Kia Niro is remarkable for how well it handles and how comfortable it is. You’ll love the feel of the smooth transmission and the long-lasting lithium-ion battery will ensure you make it to your destination. No matter how long the ride is, the interior will keep you cradled in comfort with lumbar support and a heated steering wheel. Come see us at Longman’s Markham Kia to check out this modern-day classic.

A Minivan Perfectly Fit for You and Your Family – The 2017 Kia Sedona L

Longman’s Markham Kia has an inventory that’s sure to impress, with plenty of options, including the 2017 Kia Sedona L. This minivan has undergone changes at every angle, meant to enhance both its appearance and its functionality. What you’re left with is van that offers unmatched luxury for a vehicle in its class. That luxury reaches beyond the driver and passenger, extending to all seven passengers, giving every aspect of the minivan a truly immersive experience.




Interior Cargo


A very important aspect of any family van is the interior cargo space, and this van doesn’t disappoint. Slide-N-Stow seating gives you maximum space, when needed, by allowing you to fold the second row seats while the third row stows under the floor. Available First-Class Lounge Seating for the second row offers your passengers premier seating in the back, with Nappa leather trimmed seats, adjustable armrests, winged headrests, and footrests that offer ultimate lounging capabilities.


Technology and Safety


The Sedona L provides its passengers with the best in modern technology, offering multiple AC outlets, high-speed USB charging, Infinity Premium Audio, and much more. Safety is the top priority with this van, and its safety features are sure to impress. Electronic Stability Control and Cornering Brake Control headline the intuitive safety system features, while a body made up of 50% high-strength steel provides unmatched durability and safety. Knowing that you and your passengers are as safe as possible on the road is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing the right minivan, and the 2017 Sedona L doesn’t disappoint.


Take the time to immerse yourself in all the wonderful features this minivan offers. Stop by our dealership or contact us with any questions – we are happy to help you drive away in the perfect van for you and your family.