Our Story

Welcome to Longman’s Markham KIA!

Dedicated to providing you with excellent service and the professionalism and expertise that you have come to expect from Longman’s Markham Kia.

Providing long term service to Markham and the surrounding area for over 25 years, Longman’s Markham Kia has grown alongside KIA Canada in implementing world class quality and customer satisfaction. Your individual needs will be met by the Parts and Service Department, the new and used sales teams and exceptional financial counselling.

By providing a diverse team with a safe and friendly work environment, their happiness translates into satisfying your needs. They are always available for consultation during any step of your KIA experience.

Longman’s Markham KIA is devoted to surpassing your expectations with the best possible understanding and service ministered to your needs.


The Longman Group, founded by John Longman in the early 1980s, has provided long term automotive and customer service to Markham and surrounding area for the last 25+ years.

First opening with Longman’s Markham Dodge in 1983 and Longman’s Markham Jeep Eagle in 1989, and later transforming into Longman’s Woodbine Chrysler in 1998 and Longman’s Markham KIA in 2009, the Longman Group is committed to growing with its surrounding communities and catering to the needs of the individual with diverse, trained staff and expertise departments. Along the way, Longman’s Collision Center was founded in 1992 to surpass customer satisfaction and provide the best possible automotive care.

Longman’s Markham KIA continues to grow alongside the ever-expanding Markham community. Longman’s Markham KIA does have the “Power to Surprise”!