Kia Protect

Added protection designed specifically for you and your Kia.

Kia Protect makes getting peace of mind easy. Choose from a variety of products and protection levels covering everything from the mechanics to the appearance of your vehicle.

Why Kia Protect

100% supported by Kia Canada

Repairs performed by Kia Certified Technicians using Kia Genuine Parts

Honoured at every authorized Kia dealer across Canada

What does Kia Protect Offer?

When it comes to your Kia, no one knows it better than we do. Our Kia Certified Technicians have undergone extensive training on all Kia models to ensure you get the best service, expertise and advice suitable for your vehicle. Plus, you can take comfort knowing we only use Kia Genuine Parts.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Extended warranty program that protects your wallet from unexpected repairs. Drive with confidence knowing your Kia is protected.

Kia vehicles are built to last, but even the most well-engineered vehicles will require repairs. Kia Protect Mechanical Breakdown Protection covers many costly vehicle components that can potentially fail over time.


Your Kia must be within 10 model years and have less than 160,000 kilometers at time of purchase.

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New! MBP 5 Star Plus

Lock in the cost of your scheduled maintenance over the first few years and ease the burden of unexpected repairs.

MBP 5 Star Plus combines the benefits of two great plans: Mechanical Breakdown Protection and Service Advantage.

MBP 5 Star Plus provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle. With the comfort that your vehicle is protected should an unexpected breakdown occur, and coverage for your first few years of maintenance intervals


MBP 5 Star Plus is available for all Kia vehicles for model years 2017 and higher. MBP 5 Star Plus is not available on fully-electric vehicle models (i.e. Soul EV and Niro EV).

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Service Advantage

Pre-paid maintenance program with flexible service options. Lock in future maintenance costs at today’s rates.

Leave it to the experts to keep your Kia in top shape.

Kia Protect Service Advantage lets you choose how many intervals you want and gives you the flexibility to use them as slowly or as quickly as you need. Service Advantage is designed to be tailored to your maintenance requirements — from oil changes to tire rotations.


Kia Protect Service Advantage is available within six months of original in-service date or less than 6,000 kilometers.

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Appearance Protection

Protect your Kia’s appearance from wear and tear.

Keep your Kia looking as new as the day you bought it.

Kia Protect Appearance Protection provides interior and exterior coverage to take the worry out of life’s mishaps. Appearance Protection keeps your vehicle looking its best with a plan tailored to your needs and your budget. From door dings in the parking lot, to windshield chips and coffee spills — feel confident knowing you are covered.


Appearance Protection is available for all private use Kia models within 10 model years and less than 200,000 kilometres at time of purchase.

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Increases the odds of vehicle recovery and potentially provides a benefit to compensate for loss.

Minimize theft. Maximize the odds of recovering your Kia.

Keep your Kia safe. Kia Protect Anti-Theft offers effective protection from theft and provides support in the event of loss or recovery.


Kia Protect Anti-Theft is available on all Kia and off-makes. Not available in BC.

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Excess Wear and Use

Helps avoid a large bill for excessive wear and tear when you return your leased vehicle.

Peace of mind at lease-end

Leasing your Kia should be an stress-free experience. Kia Protect Excess Wear and Use gives you the ultimate peace of mind by covering your vehicle’s wear and tear costs at lease-end, so you don’t have to.


Kia Protect Excess Wear and Use is available for all new Kia vehicles leased through Kia Motors Finance with 24,000 kilometres or less.

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Loan Protection

Protects your financial obligations from the impact of an unforeseen life event.

Protecting you from the unforeseen.

Smart consumers always have a back-up plan. Kia Protect Loan Protection will protect your financial commitments in the event of your death, illness, loss of employment or injury.


Kia Protect Loan Protection is available for ages 17 to 71 with no medical questionnaire necessary.

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Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

Reduces the financial burden from losing your vehicle, thanks to in-store credit.

Protect your investment in your Kia.

Don’t let losing your vehicle ruin your day, or your budget. Kia Protect Vehicle Loss Privilege Program provides an in-store credit in the event of a vehicle loss so you can get back into a Kia sooner than you think.


Kia Protect Vehicle Loss Privilege Program is eligible for all makes and models within 6 model years and must be purchased within 7 days of the purchase date of the vehicle.

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